Monday 14 July

Too hot today.
The city swells and bursts like a large berry, and even the tarmac sweats and begins to melt. It's sickly hot; no cool breeze, no shade that offers comfort; little to do but drink, drink, drink...


Still working on my thing for 'boxer shorts 2003, and now working on something with a pal of mine. We're going to do a sort of picture story combining black and white photography with illustration.
It'll be cool.


New guy at work today: Dud-e-chum. He's the living-walking SARS man.
He coughed today and the whole fucking building evacuated...

...until they realised that it was cooler inside, and that they'd rather risk SARS than get heat stroke.

I keep getting the urge to do James Mason impressions today.
"Stop holy man! You cannot win against the master!" - Salems Lot.
Either that, or the running flavour at work at the moment is Dracula impressions.

I saw an amazing sun setting today on the way home. It was beautifull. And, yet again, no camera on me.

The Orchid Thief arrived this morning, and it is quite good. It's about 300 pages and I'm 48 into it. I think that by the end of the week I'll either have it done or nearly done.
It's quite well written. And yes, Orchids are strangely attractive...


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