Sunday 29th June

Brought Star Trek III : The Search For Spock, today. It's the special edition thing with audio commentary and interviews, etc. Pretty neat.


Wrote the first ten pages of my *horror* novella, and have realised that it needs a total re-write. I know that the old rule is that in the second draft you minus fifteen percent, but in this case that rule doesn't stand. I need to make it longer, more dramatic, and try to put as much character clues and background info in as possible, without crowding it too much. You know?

So I'm going to re-write it now, and I'll scrap my previous effort. This shows that I am not only happy with the story (or opening of) but also I'm content to get it right from the offset.

Afterall, even though its a cannibal story, it's not going to be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I in fact love!) and neither is it going to be anything like the Lecter stories. It's a character story. Querky, Whimsical, and at times shockingly gross as I think this sort of story should be.
I mean, you'll notice that my quote of the day is a segment of the last line of A Tale Of Two Cities.
This is to illustrate the fact the fact that what I'm writing is a story about not evil, but mental illness, and the very darkest portion of our humanity. I'm not writing a literary masterpiece, although I'll try to keep the imagery and style as beautiful and fluent as I can. I know that I'll never be a Dickens.

But I might be able to write better stories. Not write them better, but write about better stuff. Is that pretentious of me? I hope so.


You see, I have an ending all planned out. At least, a part of an ending. I also have a beginning, although it needs a lot of work to not only build the right mood for the rest of the story, but to bring us in touch with the main character and really root for him.

What I may do is write the beginning, write the end, and then see about telling you what happens all through the middle. Because, as they say, stories must have a Beginning, a Middle and an End.
If I can write the Beginning and the End, and then devote all of my sick and twisted energies into creating a juicy middle that people can get their teeth into.

I'm aiming for this to be a novella, but if it runs over I don't really give a shit. I'll write another story to link with it, and sell it as one story. Hopefully it will be short enough so that I can send it to Telos and see if they're interested in it.
But really this story should write itself. And it's not hard. The challenge will be making it new, with as little cliches as possible, and most importantly making it genuinley tense and frightening, and only using gore to absolute dramatic effect where neccessary; that is, no more than a few times at least.

So I go off to work now. And I hope that this story will make Mike Foster a likeable character, and one that readers root for. Then, if I root for him and believe for him, then they will. So no tricks on my part, because I'll be cheating myself.
I hope that it will set the right tone. And I hope that it won't extend beyond 30 pages.

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."

But it won't be rest. It'll be fucking buckets of work!!!