Sunday 22nd June

Got blocked from again.
Big fucking deal.
They're all a bunch of brown-nose cunts in there anyway and I got sick to death of them.

So that's that little gem...


Nearly finished on Chapter One of my novella CADILLAC RED. I did write it as a short story, and it didn't really work. I realised that to work it had to take place over a longer period of time. So I'm re-writing it to be about 30 000 words at least, as opposed to the 3000 short story I wrote and have now deleted.
Kill your darlings, didn't they say?
Well I guess deleting it's the same thing.
I have a very lovely person over at who's willing to take a look at it for possibly being included in the boxer book of 2003 along with other work from the site. So fingers crossed that she and everyone else likes it.

I'm going to post each chapter as they are done and polished (checked for spelling mistakes and grammar and stuff like that) and see what feedback I get on each before proceeding.

After, if it's going into a boxer book, isn't it meant to then be a boxer contributing effort?


I'm working on a top secret photoshop image which I'll put in here for you (my wierdo web-friends who check this site and have a good laugh at how pathetic I really am) to look at it.
I thought it whilst on the... uh... thunder-box this morning and it made my laugh. I damn near ingested myself.


I'm hoping that my friend will arrange for us to have our own message forum soon, hosted on his site. As you know, I'm a cheap ass and I have this site for free and I don't have any of the knowledge to set up a BBS, or even a blog system.

So it's up to everyone else.

I will not be doing anymore of my William Shatner shit from now on. Not since the bastards admin staff took me off (okay there was foul play on my part but they deserved it).

But his monkey face will be making appearances on here every now and then so don't start crying, okay?

Until we next meet (which we won't cause you sad fuckers are three thousand miles away at the other end of a modem cable),

Look after each other.