Saturday 14th June

Today I brought an American import of Star Trek Nemesis on DVD... for a fiver.
The special features aren't accessible, but at least I can watch the film as it is meant to be (and no shitty pirate here folks!) until the UK version comes out.
Besides, it was only a fiver of course. So it doesn't matter.
Burn, baby, burn.

I started a story last night about a young writer finding his worth after reading something of his to a blind man. I decided to sit down and write it because I saw a blind man on the bus today, and he was very sweet, and everyone was only too happy to help him out.
On a day that I was a little pissed off about some things, and hot and a little grumpy, seeing that lightened my day. There is some good in this shitty world, I guess.
It's not all bad.

I have a major exam on Monday. Poetry and Drama.
I am looking forward to the Contextual Study exam, because I really connected and enjoyed that aspect of the course. I'll try my best with the Poetry and Drama, but deep down I know that I'm not that good at it.
But I can try my best and that's it isn't it? My tutors have told me how pleased they are with my progress in the course, and with my creative writing, and have wished me all the luck.
It's now down to it. At moments like this, my inner mind has ways of surprising me.
Last year I went in blank to answer a paper on Othello. I really was terrible with it all through the year. I found Shakespeare impenetrable.
And then...


It all clicked together. I was sitting down with my pen in my hand, reading through the question, and I just got it. Simple as that.
For that paper I got an A.

Fuck knows how.


Or mayber Fuck doesn't...


Empire Strikes Back is on right now, playing in the background as I type. I usually have something like Black Sabbath, or Bad Company, or just the radio, but every now and then I like to put on the TV.
It doesn't really matter a flyin' fuck, because it's all just background noise anyway.


Here's a picture (one of many) that I took on a walk along the coast the other day.
I was really lucky capturing it, and I find it quite a humorous photograph.

I'm taking more of a keen interest in my SLR camera now that my phorography course is up and finished.
And I've made a vow... I'm never doing black and white again. After two years it's done my noggin in.


I'm on page 210 of THE DARK TOWER III: THE WASTE LANDS at the moment. It's a little harder getting through this one, because it's very complex. At least, more complex than the other two.
I can't wait to get to number four. But then I have at least a five month bloody wait!!!

Anyway, will post some writing as soon as I am happy (which is never).

Until then,

Look after each other.

. . .

Fans! Romulans!

Lend me your cheque books!!!

Well, I like the photograph, but can't he turn his hand to anything else?
Like, when I was a male stripper in downtown LA in the early sixties (and don't get me started about the sixties!!!) I used to do all sorts of things.
I can't go into them, of course, for fear of damaging my crystal-clear cut Star Trek personna.
But Tony seems limited as an artist.
That's sort of what I'm sayin'.

I myself... can turn my hand... to acting, signing, dancing, painting, hair piece crafting, move making, etc etc etc.
Oh. And eating.
Anyhow, we can't all be perfect can we?

Next time I find myself here, I'll recount to you all my experiences as a tap dancer in the early seventies when my career slumped a little.
Boy, it was a blast!

For now,

All my joyous love (I'm joyous because I have a new hair piece, a new wife, one new left side eyeball, and even more money in my numerous accounts) and best wishes (Oh how I wish for more money. And a new series of T.J.) to you, my fans!

Your Captain.