Thursday 5th June

Today I did a little bit of a re-shuffle with the site (nothing major) and I'm introducing doppelganger Bill Shatner.

"Hey Kids, It's Bill Shatner! Applause!"

So I guess (I can't help for the following, sorry) that...

"This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi, and will soon see the end of the Rebellion."

Why am I apologising? This is my fucking site!


Got a little further with my writing today. I'm taking my time, and I'm loving it.

I watched A Fistful Of Dollars today, and then For A Few Dollars More.
Very funny, and highly enjoyable.


Got a few more pages through The Drawing Of The Three today, but I didn't really get a chance at reading much. Between, you know, Clint kicking bandit ass, and scrubbing the festering bog holes of certain people of a highly paid profession..

*Cough* You know who you are, fuckers.


The Episode III section of has opened up now.
For some strange reason, despite the often sagginess of Episode II, I feel exctied. There is a strange sensation at the bottom of my stomach, and it isn't the lasagne I just ate for dinner.
It's anticipation. The prequels draw as close as they will every get to the originals, and of all three, this upcoming installment will be the one to watch out for.
I am hoping that it doesn't dissapoint. I'm hoping that Lucas (the man) pays someone to write half decent dialogue on this one, and gets someone in to craft "love scenes" that may appear.
The old wookie doesn't seem to like scenes of a romantic nature, does he?
Given the fact that those in Episode II stank to hell and high heaven.

But really, aside from me getting all upperty over something like that, I think there's more to look forward to in Episode III than any of them.
You have the full transformation of Anakin into big-badda-Vader to start with.

And, for me at least, what could be any better?
Call me simple minded (no don't) but don't forget that I am the one who said that I could easily watch a two hour film about Morgan Freeman, with Morgan Freeman playing every part.
Fistful Of Dollars? Fistful Of Ticket Stubs...

Anyway. Going now.
Check in tomorrow.


And... Over To Bill!

Fans! Romulans!

I was sitting upon the stool... of command... and I saw... with eyes, that are... as humans are.... and as they are... the simple rose petals that Spock holds... before me... and I see that... they... shine with the stars... of the Federation.

And it all just blows my mind man.


For now,

All my joyous love (I'm joyous because I have a new hair piece, a new wife, one new left side eyeball, and even more money in my numerous accounts) and best wishes (Oh how I wish for more money. And a new series of T.J.) to you, my fans!

Your Captain.