Wednesday 4th June

Hmm. Pretty Un-usual today.

I drank a Red Bull before sitting an exam, and boy oh boy was I hypo. I ended up finishing 15 minutes early, so I drew a detailed sketch of Clint Eastwood on the back of the paper. One of the moderators walked past, stopped, looked, and then chuckled.
The way that I have it figured, is that given the abysmal grades awarded me for my GCSE MATHS, it doesn't matter what I do in the following GCSE MATHS exams, because it wont change a fucking thing.
So it's sort of a case of go, or pay. I'd rather go.

The exams that I care about, and that matter, are the two English Exams coming up. They're the big kahoonas, so to speak.

I'm a little fearful, but excited at the same time. It's fucked up.
I love that terminology. FUCKED UP.


I'm reading The Dark Tower II: The Drawing Of The Three now. It came this morning, and I'm a hundred or so into it now. I was getting quite itchy fingers waiting for it in the post. I loved the first one, and this one looks to be just as good.

My story about the The Last Seeker is coming along well, and its over twenty pages now.
I'm taking my time, ticking slowly through it.
I'm enjoying myself.


To explain my recent reading and writing explosion of activity:

Exams are stress, stress, stress. Although the Maths aren't worth anything to me, my mind still sits on my English exams. I still have to revise and leaf through 8 months of notes every afternoon, quickly, to keep myself jazzed up.
(Contradiction: I'm NEVER jazzed up; a little fucked up maybe, but there's little Jazz in my veins.)

So I'm spending my time reading, writing, watching biographies of famous directors and actors on the Biography Channel, and walking to work everyday.
It takes an hour, and in that hour I have space to myself to think.


Our extension gets built the end of next month. Well, I should say it starts getting built. It'll be finished by September.
Which means I'll have my own room... which means that I can finally get myself a surround sound set-up and have it as loud as I want... which means I can display every one of my books the way that they are meant to be... and the list continues.

I'm listening to THE STING on my TV as background noise, but it's not really soaking in. I want to get Jaws on DVD.

But, you know, life goes on.

And so do the prices.

I may post some of my story, or I may not.

Look After Each Other.