Friday 30th May

Okay, got going on Chapter Three today.
Here's what I got down in its early stages. As you know, it takes about a week to get this shit howned down, so what you are about to read will most likely change a lot.

All through the night I tossed and turned beneath my bed covers, sweating in the heat like a potato on the top tray of an oven. The heat was un-bearable, and twice I woke to get a glass of water and splash my face in the sink.
Eventually, tiredness just broke through whatever feverish hesitance I'd had to climb back into bed, and I fell back to sleep.
In my dream that night I saw my brother sitting on my bed talking to me.
He was showing me cards. They were blank. We snapped our fingers in time to some music playing in my room, but I couldn't hear it. The turntable was spinning eight times as fast as it should have.
We sneezed at the same time.
And then we sang.
You know you are a Dreamer,
I smelled eggs and bacon.
I had forgotten, and it suddenly struck me then, that it was Saturday. Mum always cooked eggs and bacon on Saturday morning.
But can you put your hands in your head?
Oh no.
My eyes shot open and I was staring at the ceiling, the smell of fresh blood up my nose for no apparent reason.
I rolled over in my bed and took a deep inhale of the morning air; sunlight cast across my face in thick golden bars and I blinked rapidly before sitting up. Dust swam in the light.


I made contact with my old pal Spencer Hayward today. Which is cool.
I'm hoping to hook up with him on MSN Messenger later on tonight.


Ordered a book from yesterday by Stephen King. It's my first time buying off of the web, and it's gone rather smoothly. The woman selling the book e-mailed today to tell me that it has been posted and is on its way.
Wish me luck.

Of course, if it's fucked, then I will hunt her down and force it down her throat!


That's about it. I'm itching to order Wil Wheaton's book DANCING BAREFOOT but I'm not sure about the price. It's in dollars, and I want to know how much it's going to cost me in Pounds before I agree to anything.
So I'm off now to see how much the book is in UK Pounds.

Until we meet next, constant readers,

Look after each other.