Wednesday 21st May

Sat a THREE AND A HALF HOUR fucking exam yesterday.
And boy oh boy, was I nervous wreck!!!
And you know the fun part?

I have six more to go...

... **SIGH**...


I finished the first chapter of my book. I'm not going to signify that they are new chapters with anything more than one big space at the top of the new page.
It's only first draft, and there is a lot of shit wrong with it that already I can spot. But I can't stop and fuss just yet. I have to push on and leave that stuff for draft two which is the real hard work... it's correcting all of my own mistakes.
Then there will be draft three where I'll take on board the opinions of readers of my manuscript, and maybe a fourth revision. Yes, it all goes down hill past the first fun spin at the wheel.

HERE is the first draft.

I've converted it to PDF format.

Look after each other.