Thursday 8th May

Not many entires this week, unfortunatley.

My arm is really playing me up. Everytime I move it, I get a shooting pain right up it from the wrist to my elbow. Hell knows what it is.
I don't really care. Not now.

Today I felt really depressed and down. I don't know why. I just got up, caught the bus, and felt really sad and sort of upset. I can't really account for it, you know.
DO you know?
Please tell me I'm not the only depressive here on this planet...


In my blues, I wrote a short piece (well not even a piece more a piece of a piece of a piece, really...) about some bums sitting down on a park bench drinking booze and reflecting on their lives. Or more me reflecting on theirs. I'm not sure.
I'll type it up (as always if I write through the day it was in my notepad.) and post it here, for those of you who bother to look at my entries, to read.
You might find it entertaining.

It certainly helped today to vent feelings inside that I couldn't identify and couldn't deal with. Oh god, I am so fucked up beyond belief!


Tomorrow I have two more hours of my photography exam. Printing on Matte fibre paper is a bitch, and the prints aren't coming off as clean and clever as I thought that they would. Still, who cares. I'm past worrying.
Frankly, dear, I couldn't give a flying fuck right now I'm afraid.


Put my new Marvin Gaye CD on MiniDisc yesterday. So I have his electric voice to keep me company now.


I might move my ideas for a play into... a screenplay. I've found this really cool guy over at Wheaton's site, and he seems to be lacking a muse.
I could be that muse. Actually I could be co-writer. I'm gonna pitch my outrageous idea to him shortly, and see what he says.
Probably NO, knowing my luck.


Clouds have replaced the sunshine that was present in the day, and now I feel like the weather; darker and duller the more for it.
I need a hot chocolate, and actually a chocolate to go with it. Or two. Or three. Or four. Or Five. Or... or...or...



I will post that piece of writing up on here soon, okay?

But you might find yourself a bit blue afterward.

Look after each other.