Saturday 3rd May

Today was... tiring.
My grant cheque cleared which meant I had some extra money to, er, spend wisely. No, I'm serious. I have a photography exam starting Tuesday.
I had to buy some more paper. It's not a cheap course.
Have a look yourself at the prices of photographic paper, for a student on a budget and less than £100 a week part time work:
To say its a labour of love, is an understatement.

But it will all be over in about 3 weeks. So yay. Hip hip hurray, etc etc.


About a month and a half ago I shot the grainy, black and white photographs that now constitute my photography project. Whilst chasing this group of... (think politically corect dear boy...) excited individuals who, er, were only seeking to express their opinion... I met up with an old school friend.
Mick Shipley told me he has signed up with the armed forces, and that he goes to train very shortly.
I took one snap of him, and had a copy posted to his work address, for him to keep. Inside the envelope I added my address and stuff on a piece of paper.
I'd like to stay in contact with him and find out how he is every now and again.

Here he is:

Seeing as this is my diary, I suppose I'd better say this while I get the chance.
About 5 or 6 years ago I said some pretty mean things to him, over something that I think I was right about but which was never prooved.
I'd like to say that I am sorry.
He's turned out now to be a marvellous little Trekkie and I think he's great.
And a lot braver than me for the adventure that he has been on, and on which he is about to embark. I consider him a friend, and always have, through good and bad moments.
I wish him every luck in the world: my friend, Mick Shipley.


On a less personal and more lighter note, I noticed that my uncle Chris DOES look like Saddam Hussein.
I mean, we call him the toothless mexican anyway, but still...

I showed my mum that image. She near on wet herself.



Hold on, I feel the need for a humorous Mick Shipley gif just to lighten the mood further more, because I'm feeling quite solemn after that recent message (sniffle).

Well I thought it was funny anyway...

You guys and gals just dont have a sense of humour.


Rocky is one tonight; I love that film.


I picked up a Sherlock Holmes book at the shop today. Every now and again I think it's quite fun to read one of them.
In a way, they're quite funny. They're just so querky and really the ancestors of what is now the pulp area of literature. I say literature, as I believe that any writing; from a poem to a sexually explicit 'adult' book, deserves to be labelled so.
If someone has found the time to sit and write a piece of writing that they like and they care for, why not include it?
It's all just words, isn't it?

As you can tell, I don't agree with the snobbish literary community who sort of penalise novelists who use the word fuck every now and again, or go into steamy detail with a love making scene.
I think that to use what are just every day words like fuck make literature true and more noble than those writers who would want to skirt those words and have all of their characters clean cut.

Stephen King is my hero in that respect.

If he wants a character to FIRE A SHIT SCUD DOWN THE PAN AND THEN YELL "HOLY FUCK I CRACKED MY CARGO BAY!" then it's all for the better.

Why should life be censored?
And if people dont like that in literature... well then

dont read those kinds of books.

It's all elementary, my dear readers.


I'm going to put an audio file up tomorrow. It's my big surprise.
What sort of music do I like???
Well over the next few weeks I'll put some files up for download and you can have a taste for yourself.
Oh god, if you haven't ever tasted the delightful butter of The Alan Parsons Project, then by god and sonny jesus you will now!!!

See you all tomorrow. Keep Trekkin' and

Look after each other.