Friday 2nd May

Today, two of my Chinese friends left work. Starting on Tuesday, we have two new people; Christ knows what they'll be like.
Cause I sure don't.


Here is Samyo.

And here's Xin.

And now, much to his chagrin, here is a little chappy called Kareem who, believe it or not, is my BOSS!!! He's only about a year older than I am, so it does seem a little strange I guess. He leaves too in about 2 weeks, for pastures new.
It's all getting very fucking depressing!!!

He's not usually that happy... Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Today I also took a picture of the bus on the way home. It was desserted, so I took the oppurtunity to capture it. If you're in America and reading this, this is what British buses look like.
Yes, I CAN hear your breath drawing in total awe... Yes, I know...



Here's what I wrote today on the bus. I don't know if I'll ever use it, but it would be cool if I did. Sometimes I get like this, and I just have to write down whatever comes to my head.

As much as I wanted out of the wet and the cold I didn't close the windows behind me.
Because I wanted to feel the bite of the real world on my skin with every drop of errant rain that came in. I was afraid to be too warm; I wanted just enough cold winter air around me to keep me uncomfortable.
And so I sat; rain hitting me; wind chilling my skin.
And I felt totally at home...

Again, it's just a short paragraph that lept into my head on the spare of the moment. I'll save it and see if I can ever fit an edition of it in anywhere in the future. Like the song says: It goes to show you never can tell.
I love that line.


I've had a thought about what I'm going to do for my photography exam which starts next week. I've shot about 100 photos of the anti-war demonstrations that went on in the Brighton town center about two months ago. I'm going to print about 20 of these up in 10 X 8, and then mount them on the biggest sheet of plywood I can find.
I'm going to paint the plywood white and then spray paint anti-war fodder all over it in red spray paint.
The black and white images, with their enhanced grain and gritty realism, will then go on top. I think it's a swell idea. And I'm pleased to say that my Photography teacher does too.
So it's all steam ahead on that front.


Tonight I'm buying pizza for mum, dad and me. My treat.
It doesn't hurt once in a while, does it?


I'm still waiting on Wil Wheaton to get back to me, but it's gonna take some time so I'm not spazzing out just yet. I sure don't think he'll ignore me.

Tomorrow I'll really go to town on my short story/novella. That's the clown one.
Hopefully I can have the majority of it done tomorrow, at least in first draft.
Oh, I picked up FREE ENTERPRISE today and watched it; VERY funny, from the jokes about star wars and star trek and really obscure and poignant sci-fi films of the sixties, to Bill Shatner parodying the man who is... Bill Shatner.

It was hilarious.

Well, that's it for now. If I think of anything else before tonight, I'll do another LATE NIGHT EDITION.
If not, I'll see you guys later.

Have a good weekend


Look after each other.