The LATE NIGHT EDITION is basically then longer diary entries that I can't really make during the day due to college, and work.
It will have pictures, etc, from throughout the day, zany things I have found and stuff like that. Observations, etc etc.

Last night I began work on a novella about a truck driver in 1937 who picks up a hitchhiker who claims to be a proffessional circus performer; a clown.
Then the driver comes to hear from the clown that he has escaped from prison and is a fugitive. The driver assures the clown it is not of his business, and that if he's gotten free from there then fair do's.
But he does ask two things.
What did he do to be put in there anyway?
And how did he get out? How did he escape in other words.

It will so turn out that the clown has one great trick that he uses at the end of every performance, and that is that he can simply dissapear.

It will make an interesting and, I think, quite gripping story. I can't see myself turning it into something any longer than about 20 000 words, so it will suit the novella format just fine. I've been researching Texas of 1937 and seeing what I can dig up concerning the highways at the time, what parts of Texas they go through, and where if possible his prison could have been.
Although I'm not limiting myself to reality. If it so happens that this story could never take place in Texas in the REAL world, then I'll just make my locations etc up here and now.
Cause I want these character speaking in a Texas way (No, not every Texan talks like George Bush. At least I hope not.) and I'm not gonna let myself by hindered by the fact that 'none of this would have ever happened in the real world.'

Besides, if it's written well enough, no one will ask anyway will they?

Tonight I'll be putting up my first ever short story completed at a good enough level for me to show it to my English teachers at College. They liked it, and said that it demonstrated a clear talent and ability to write creatively.
They said a number of bad things about it too, but they also said that I would find that with each piece my writing skill would improve.
So even though it is faulted and not remarkable, I still look on it with some pride as my first little baby, and the foot stone on which to stand all other works.
To get higher with each story. Or so goes the theory...


I took some snaps tonight, of the neighbours and my sister with the girl down the road. My neighbour Rob recently hurt his hand and so has it in a splint.
About an hour ago I had to help him PUSH his CARAVAN filled with stuff on to his driveway... WITHOUT HITTING THE HOUSE!!!
Suffice to say I weren't much help. I'm quite honestly a useless lump when it comes to anything physical, and so all I could do was push. I wasn't any use at all in steering the thing.

Heres Rob and his wife Kath.

Cause he's hurt his hand, his wife has had to screw his fence back in place.
I just love it.

My sister and her friend (sister on right, friend on left, mystery blob-monster behind).


In todays earlier post, I put up a pic of my uncle that I took last night.
I've blown his face up a bit here to give you the full... er... entirety of his... well, just look will yuh???

That's just cruel...


Up the top of the page, you'll notice that I've created a special header for my LATE NIGHT EDITIONS when I feel the need to do some. On the right is an editied version of his face.

He won't be offended.
He'll love the fact that his yeti-toothed creepy picture is up on the web, putting hundreds of thousands of people all over the world off of their dinners.
Okay, not hundreds of thousands.
Maybe all two of you who actually visit...



I've emailed Wil Wheaton of Stand By Me (Rob Reiner Directing, based upon a truly great novella by the Kingster himself) and Star Trek fame.
I'm still waiting for him to reply.
I want him to host my banner on his site, and I'd also like to interview him and put up on here for you guys to read. I find his site very entertaining, and he is obviously a clear and coherent writer who also adds charm and wit to whatever he posts.
I hope he replies...

This makes me think of the Wyclef Jean adverts, where that manky old bint says:

"Wyclef? Can I have your autograph? I'm your biggest fan!"
And then when he signs her an autograph it turns out to be a contract to be her living slave. Yuck.


I've added my short story to the Writing section.
When I feel the first draft of what I've written for my novella is suitable to show you guys and gals, I'll put it up.

Until then...

Look after each other.