Wednesday 30th April

Well, last night Dad and Uncle Chris moved our old broken washing machine ready for the new one which was delivered this morning.

Chris had his front teeth taken out about two months ago, so when he smiles he resembles an eighty year old with dissentry.
Here he is with dad. He's the one on the left.

Dad's on the right. Note the matching bulbous appearance.
That's it boys, get to work hefting that heavy old thing through the passageway while I stand around with my digital camera.

And here's the money shot, to use porno-movie technical jargon.

Aint that beauty in its purest possible form?
Hee hee hee hee hee...

I started reading THE GRAPES OF WRATH today, written by John Steinbeck.
Never before have I experienced such beauty in the written sense. If you haven't experienced it, give it a go.
I'll put a quotation of a passage from it later in a NIGHT LATE EDITION, a new diary entry I'm gonna be doing at night times when I feel the need.

So, constant reader, I'll see you tonight!

Look after each other.