Tuesday 29th April

Pretty much same old same old really. Photography teacher garbling my brain by confusing what I want to do with what HE wants to do.
Strange that; I had some crazy notion in my head that maybe


Calming down, I took a few very quick snaps randomly on my way to work this evening. Thought you, constant reader, might be interested in having a gander at them. To be honest though I wasn't in a mood for taking photographs this evening, so they are quite pathetic.

Thats the view I look at when Im waiting for the bus. I did take two, but I think that you no doubt get the point of what I'm trying to say here.

In case you haven't noticed, I've halved the size of these images. I always shoot at ultra-fine, which means very big files and less pictures. I just cant stand bad quality in photos.
Here, however, it cannot be helped. As it is, I can't stand the horizontal bar at the bottom of the page either, so go figure.

The above is the building in construction next to where I work. It was knocked down before Christmas, and every day I see that it's either grown a few extra feet, or that the innards are taking more shape. When I climb the steps up to work, I can see right down on to everything they are doing in there.
It'll be interesting to see where it ends up.

Silhouetted in the back, with quite a shitty composition on my part as I was rushing my fat ass to work, is the Royal Pavillion.
In the war, it was used as a make shift hospital to wounded soldiers and civilians.
Now it's just another drain on public funding that could be put to better use, you know, buying my DVD's at the end of the week...

...or something.

This is the last of them, don't worry; they're not the slides of my holiday.
I was having a nice relaxing bath, and decided that I should take this one whilst hanging out of the window. You can actually see the window frame to the left of it.

Actually taking photos and putting them up on the web for you guys and gals to view is all new to me. Expect the quality of images taken (shy blush this end of the ethernet connection...) to improve over the coming weeks as I get used to it.
I'm so used to shooting film with my SLR, and waiting a few days for the film to come back. Sorry, but there's a phrase I have to use here.

...comin back to me in glorious technicolour.

Who invented that saying?

I watched THE BIG CHILL, Directed by Lawrence Kasdan, last night.
It was great. A very clear and, I don't know, intent but subtle movie.
Watch it.

Don't wait for me to wittle on about it.

Look after each other.